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Estate Planning is necessary for everyone, regardless of the size of one’s estate. A proper Estate Plan is one which enables you to maintain complete control over your property during your lifetime, provides for the management and protection of your property in the event of a disability, and leaves what you own to who you want, the way you want, in the most efficient and economical way.


Our firm has been helping clients for thirty years.  We apply all of our knowledge and skill to each client, in order to create a personalized Estate Plan to achieve the client’s objectives. The first step to creating a proper  Estate Plan is to find the right lawyer – someone you are comfortable with and who earns your trust.  You can find out more about our philosophy and approach by clicking on the About Us link.  If you are considering your own estate plan, you can use this website to arrange a Complimentary Consultation.  We welcome you to our website and encourage you to review the information here.  We hope to have the opportunity to serve you and your family.

Estate Planning

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